Insurance Claims

What You Need to Know!

Storm damage seems to be the recent method to get your insurance company to front the cost of a new exterior to your home. With storm chasers on the loose, most homeowners have been told they have had storm damage to their home by a specific storm. They show maps of storm damage areas produced by companies like Hail Maps or Hail Trax but homeowner never recalls a big hail storm. Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies canvassing neighborhoods playing the numbers game. The more homeowners they get to file claims regardless of actual damage, the more their odds go up with getting claims paid. The real story remains, unless your home is inspected by an honest company you are never going to get the truth.

Greco Exterior prides itself on being forthcoming with homeowners. When it comes to storm damage, there are a lot of gray areas on coverage of claims. The gray areas arise because of all the variables with the insurance claims process. Different Insurance companies, adjusters, and contractors all have a role in the claim approval process. Some insurance adjusters need less storm damage evidence than others. We don’t know why this is, but most of the time we know who this is; which you need to know. We have been in the storm business for 20 years and worked with all insurance carriers. We provide you with the best chance possible in getting a fair and accurate assessment on your claim.

Do You Have Hail Damage?

Hail damage is very easy to find, all you have to know is what are you looking for! We show you what storm damage looks like and where to find it on your house. Download our “Storm Damage Checklist” below.

Storm Damage Checklist